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Providing A Personalized Soundtrack for Every Occasion

JayWay DJ was developed specifically to provide our clients with the most modern solutions for their event’s musical needs. So, whether you’re hosting a wedding, private party, or corporate function, let us help you make it one to remember. We have the experience and understanding of the planning and preparation that goes into running a successful event, and that means we’ll always provide you with the best options possible that fall within your budget. Whatever your event, we can help make it amazing.


We are passionate about our craft and love the rewarding feeling of accomplishment during and after each event.


Dressing the part is only the beginning. We pride ourselves on our poise, charm character and reliability from initial consultation to beyond the last song.

Peace of Mind

If we are there, then you have it! You've dreamed of this day, and we've curated the perfect mix to enhance your vision and turn up the volume.

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